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One-part adhesives and sealants
Elastic adhesives based of Silyl-Terminated Polymer, isocyanates and solvents free.
Excellent weathering and UV resistant; over-paintable.
Ideal for car industry and transport that required stable and flexible joints and strong elastic bonding.


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Ropes in braided poyester and glass core
Ropes with braided yarn polyester filament Trevira and core in 
staple fiber glass used for ligatures
electrical windings of motors and generators.


 Cavo isolamentoIND

Insulated wire irradiated Class F
Annealed tinned copper wire (IECC 228, cl.5) and isolation polyolefina crosslinked radiation and flame retardant.
Approvals UL 3289 / CSA CL 1503.
Used to power machines in Class B and F, wiring for electronics and electrical engineering.


Insulating varnishes and resins Elantas Europe
Elantas Europe develops and produces insulating varnishes, epoxy and polyurethane systems for electronics
and electrical engineering
, resins with a bonding matrix function for composite materials, structural adhesives and sealants.

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Processing of solid insulating materials Larfon Isolanti
Larfon Isolanti produces and processes insulating and thermosetting materials for the electromechanical and electronics

 SIRelaborata Power wire wound resistors Sir
SIR produces fixed and variable resistors since 1970

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Sheaths glass-silicon and shrinking
Sheaths glass silicone Class H and shrinkable for wiring, electrical protection lighting.
Produced according to UL, IEC. Compliant RHOS.

Packaging: rolls of 50/100/200 meters depending on diameter.
Possibility of clips of different length according to request.

Adhesive tapes for electrical and electrotechnical industry

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