Products for professional and regenerative treatments and maintenance of pleasure craft surfaces

MULTIPLUS 36A Multipulitore sgrassante, antiossidante, anticalcare ed antimuffa adatto a molteplici applicazioni per lo sporco difficile. Ideale per la pulizia ed il ripristino di scafo, carena, coperta, sentina, motore di imbarcazioni in gelcoat o vernice, acciaio inox. for more information click here MULTIPLUS 60V Pulitore multiuso super sgrassante. Ideale per la pulizia di gommoni, parabordi, […]

Antifoulings and painting systems for boating

Piedi, flaps, assi , piedi e parti metalliche immerse. VELOX PLUS risponde alle più stringenti normative ed è stata recentemente approvata dagli enti per la protezione ambientale di Stati Uniti ed Australia, considerati tra i più severi al mondo. for more information click here Antivegetative all’acqua ed antivegetative a solvente a matrice dura, semidura ed […]

Sheats glass-silicone and shrink wrap

Class H silicone glass sheaths and heat-shrinkable for wiring,lighting engineering electrical protection. Manufactured according to UL, IEC standards. RHOS compliant. Packaging: skeins of 25/50/100/200 meters depending on the diameter.Can be cut into lengths upon request. for more information click here

Adhesive tapes for electronic and electrotechnical use

We have a wide range of insulating tapes for electricalinsulation in the electromechanical industry or for theprotection of printed circuits, cut to size according to thecustomer’s needs. for more information click here

Resins and paints for electrical use

Epoxy, polyurethane, conformal coating systems, paints for the insulation of electronic components and static and rotating. for more information click here

Solid insulating materials

Insulating sheets in thermosetting fiberglass, round or square section tubes, moulded parts in BMC and SMC. for more information click here